Our Services

The health of the electrical infrastructure is critically dependent upon correctly configured protection and control system.


The protection and control system is essential to “keep the lights on” while protecting people, livestock and critical assets from the harmful effects of high voltages. It is hard to predict power system faults but correctly configured protection and control system can significantly reduce the extent of damage and the duration of interruption. In addition, correctly calculated and applied protection settings ensure that the connected user complies with the Grid Code and is compatible with the transmission or distribution system.

Amper-Energy Ltd is a “one stop shop” for smart power grid protection and control service requirements in a low carbon world .

We offer power system analysis, protection and control system design, protective and control relays configuration services, and commissioning support. We provide these services to a diverse range of customers including electrical equipment manufacturers, distributed generation and storage owners, renewable energy developers, major EPC contractors, ICPs, IDNOs and distribution networks operators.

Our focus is on the provision of high quality engineering professional services for connections to the electricity distribution network.

Services We Provide

Key services we specialise in:
  • Power system load and fault level studies
  • Power system protection coordination and discrimination studies for new or existing electricity networks using the latest industry software packages.
  • Specification of current transformers
  • Specification of protection and control equipment
  • Preparation of electrical design package
  • Production of relevant design calculations
  • Design of logic and configuration for mainstream protective and control relays
  • Programming relay configurations files
  • Calculation of settings for a wide range of electrical plant protection system
  • Management of protection and control settings
  • Review and audit of existing protection and control settings
  • Production of commissioning and test documentation in accordance with the latest industry standards.
  • Setting up a commissioning file administration, documentation and structure.
  • Writing commissioning switching programmes and on-load checks schedules.
  • Audit of commissioning and test files.